Alluvial_BTS APP

Alluvial_BTS boards are accompanied by Android Applications illustration capabilities of system. All boards are executing standardized set of exhaustively documented universal commands. Every potential user can however develop own Application for Android or PC platform, by utilizing a soon to be published set of API Commands. Proximity Data engineering team is also
providing for clients the Alluvial_BTS system firmware customization, at very affordable service fee. Under Non-Disclosure
Agreement, an access to full documentation can also be negotiated.

Most importantly, Alluvial_BTS systems are not only acting as embedded Motion Sensors and Data I/O systems, but can be used as Bluetooth to RS232 and Bluetooth to I2C bridges. These capabilities allow for control of variety auxiliary boards which Proximity Data will offer, as well as boards provided by other vendors or designed by clients.

Android BT_ST_14Axis APP will soon be available in Google Play Store. This App works exclusively with Alluvial _BTS system, and will be adapted to work with successor boards as well.

Alluvial_BTS configuration screen.
Alluvial_BTS data read/write screen
Alluvial_BTS data real-time plotting.