About US

I do the balancing act…
Saul Raisin

We have started quite few years ago, in year 2010 as Alluvial Joules, with an idea of a shoe mounted sensing system that would allow a real time measurement of the training progress and energy disposition efficiency as opposed to estimates and guesses provided by other products on the market. Behind the idea stands Saul Raisin, accomplished bicycle rider, runner, exceptional athlete and a very humble man. At that time however the Bluetooth was still very new, and our system designed with ZigBee Radio was rather cumbersome to use. Since then, we were searching for better technologies for our sensors, processors, communication and data display methodology, and were developing our Intellectual Property resulting with Patent #8,467,979.
Now, while wearable technologies are blooming, we are late with deployment of our product. You can read about where we are and what we do on this website, meet us on Facebook.com/alluvialsensor and contribute to our blog. Unfortunately, we are not far enough.
We were not first to the market and had a strong competition. There were organizations providing scientific grade instruments, at exuberated price, for research and specific use where the price does not matter and a cumbersome solution are still acceptable. Similar ideas were funded in excess of many $millions by NSF, DHHS and other governmental agencies over many decades. More importantly, the consumer marketplace was flooded with simple devices working based on estimations and assumptions rather than real time measurements.

We still believe that our solid idea, professionally developed Intellectual Property and already fully functional system has strong merit, even though we did it with our own money and engineering ingenuity. Our technology should also find many other applications, including in medical field and for quality-of-life monitoring. We are marking our territory by walking and running around in Alluvial Joules Smart Shoes and providing ground breaking data recording in the process.

Since year 2019 the situation has changed significantly. Alluvial Joules became Alluvial Sensor, and Proximity Data, DBA took over. Nothing dramatic though. Proximity Data was always involved and survived as Engineering Consulting company. We are now pursuing opportunities in field or Fiberoptic Sensing technologies with our FoRI (Fiberoptic Ring Interferometer) for Perimeter and Area Security. One can read more about FoRI here. We are now collaborating with two companies.

Huvr and HuvrPro is committed to commercialization of our FoRI for Perimeter and Area Security.

Intelligent Payload Solution is interested in FoRI for Seismic Research and Nuclear Nonproliferation.