Alluvial Sensor. Introduction.

Integrated, Bluetooth connected sensors.

Several years ago, a small group of sport and engineering enthusiasts undertaken efforts to develop multipurpose type of wireless, battery powered sensor system as an aid to athletes training regimen and performance evaluation. This system eventually became to be known as Alluvial Sensor. This small and lightweight, powered from miniature rechargeable battery, Bluetooth connected device node was capable to acquire and transfer in real time the data from up to 14 signal channels. Nine axis dynamic sensor and four analog force sensors plus system temperature were sampled at speed up to 200 times per second. At the Android phone the data could be received and processed from two sensor nodes simultaneously.

Sensor Node used as controller of Optical Signal Processor.

Unfortunately, this concept was not marketed successfully and couldn’t compete with much less capable devices from well-known vendors, such as Polar or Garmin. Proximity Data, DBA retains intellectual property rights for all versions and modifications of the original Alluvial Sensor. We have developed, and manufacturing now, a more advanced Alluvial_BTS system with auxiliary I2C Interface extension. It can be used as Bluetooth connected, standalone integrated 6 Axis dynamic sensor, as well as a controller for variety of Analog and Digital expansion boards, such as this Optical Signal Processor prototype, used in the Fiberoptic Perimeter Security system.

All Alluvial Sensor Bluetooth modules are accompanied by Android Smart Phone or Windows PC Applications illustrating their capabilities and even advanced use cases.